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Our Mission

We are SOUPPLY (soup-lee), a modern premium soup company dedicated to preserving the essence of traditional Vietnamese flavors — perfected by our past generations — in one convenient, elevated package with real shelf-stable meat. We believe in using quality ingredients simply prepared for anyone to enjoy any time, any place — an essential for people with demanding lives.

Our Foundation


Authentic Flavors

Crafted with authentic flavors to bring you a comforting experience, no matter where you are at in the world.

Quality Ingredients

Our recipe has been perfected by embracing homemade traditions of past generations. We are one of the only packaged soup companies that provide preservative-free real meat.

Conveniently Packaged

Conveniently packaged for you to enjoy any time, any place. Whether you are traveling and on-the-go or preparing a quality dinner for your family — we have you covered.

Homemade Traditions

SOUPPLY is proud to say what we serve you is real, authentic Vietnamese ph, made and founded by real, authentic Vietnamese people. Everything we do is to serve you an experience like you would receive in Vietnam and take your taste buds to the heart of Vietnamese culture.


For every bowl sold, you can enjoy knowing you are doing something bigger. You are helping to feed and give this experience to those less fortunate. We pride ourselves on being authentic in our flavors and nothing is more authentic in our culture than taking care of each other and those who need it most.